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A camera is an optical instrument for recording or capturing images,
which may be stored locally, transmitted to another location, or both.
The images may be individual still photographs or sequences of images constituting videos or movies.

Amazon.com has a vast selection of point-and-shoot cameras allowing you to find the perfect point-and-shoot with the precise features that match the way you use a camera.
These days many features like face detection and image stabilization have become expected in a point-and-shoot camera.
However many of these compact cameras include features one would expect to find in a more robust and pricier digital camera.
Features such as panorama mode and burst mode will help you capture the perfect shot for a fraction of the cost.
Many of the point-and-shoot cameras include Full HD video capability allowing you to clearly capture anything motion related.

We have selected the best from our vast range of Cameras.

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Video cameras.

A video camera is a camera used for electronic motion picture acquisition, initially developed for the television industry but now common in other applications as well.

Video cameras record live-action scenes that are available for viewing via a stored or transmitted video feed.
This allows the user to create a permanent and detailed chronicle of events.
Original video cameras—invented in the late 19th Century—created a "motion picture."
This term is still apt today, as video cameras record dozens of pictures (or frames) a second that when viewed in succession, clearly distinguish the translation of an object or person over time. Most cameras also record audio in sync with their video capture.

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